Weekly Photo Challenge – 10/10/15 – Happy Place

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

One year ago, if someone had asked me to define my ‘happy place,’ I would have struggled to come up with an answer.  However, about 9 months ago I purchased my first DSLR camera. Since then, photography has become my go-to stress reliever and ‘happy place.’ It’s what I do to decompress and relax!

My photography subject of choice is ‘nature,’ so I spend plenty of time outdoors. My husband and kids often tag along and we visit the local state parks and nature preserves in our area. I also wander around my back yard, stopping to photograph tiny flowers or insects from every possible angle. (I’m sure the neighbors think I’m crazy.)

Today we drove about two hours to Ohiopyle State Park. It was a perfect fall day in western Pennsylvania. The sun was warm (but not too warm) and the leaves were perfect shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown. We walked the trails and I took over 100 pictures.

Spending time with my family while doing what I love is definitely my ‘happy place.’ What a difference a year makes!








18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – 10/10/15 – Happy Place

  1. I so get where you are coming from. Photography has opened the world to me. I note you mention Ohiopyle — back in 1996 through 2006, I came to live in the USA, and for a number of those years lived in Morgantown, WV where I worked at West Virginia University. I loved going to Ohiopyle, and even did some white water rafting while there. I came back to Australia in 2006 when my Mum was diagnosed with dementia. I love coming back to your area of the world though.


    • Wow, what a small world we live in. I am familiar with Morgantown and WVU. I have a friend who went to college there. Ohiopyle is beautiful!! We haven’t white water rafted, but that’s on our list of things to do next summer. Thanks for commenting and liking my posts!!

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      • Yes.that’s the problem I identify with…so many places I went to in your country and never really had the photography bug. I best come back for a visit sometime. But in the meantime blogs like yours really help. With that said, I better get back to work — it’s Monday, almost 11am here in Brisbane. 🙂


    • Thanks Eliza! That really means a lot to me. My family tells me they like my pictures, but hearing it from an impartial judge is pretty cool! Nature is definitely my source of joy and inspiration! Thanks again!

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  2. You and I think a lot alike when it comes to capturing the beauty of autumn foliage and scenes at close range. Loved this post: it’s a pleasing and creative mix of subject, background and lighting. Nicely done, and keep up the good work!


    • Thank you!! Fall might be my favorite time of year for photography. The colors are so amazing!! I’m trying to squeeze in as much time outside as I can before the cold weather sets in. Thanks for liking my posts and commenting!


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