Weekly Photo Challenge – 10/23/15 – Careful

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”

Camouflage Careful:

It’s deer season in Western Pennsylvania. Archery season started just a few weeks ago, and rifle season is right around the corner. My walks in the woods have become less frequent and when I do venture out, I wear the latest fashion…fluorescent orange.

Today I captured some photos that fit well into this week’s photo challenge. The word ‘careful’ comes to mind when I see these tree stands precariously strapped to trees 20 feet above the earth. In the weeks to come, deer hunters will climb these trees and sit patiently for hours waiting for their prize. The deer will scamper and hide.

It’s not a sport for everyone, but the ‘thrill of the hunt’ entices many. I say ‘BE CAREFUL’… to the hunters and the deer.


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