Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #9 Rule of Thirds Introduction

I am participating in Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week 9. This week’s theme is the Rule of Thirds. I try to keep the Rule of Thirds in mind when I am taking photos. I have noticed that I tend to take shots with the main subject in the upper right corner. I don’t do this intentionally, it just seems to happen. I have to remind myself to try different placements and angles.

Here is a perfect example. The flower bloom is in the upper right corner.


Here I tried to get fancy, experimenting with the upper and lower left corners.

But the thing I learned the most from this challenge is that you can use the columns and rows of a shot when following the Rule of Thirds. This can help anchor a shot and utilize negative space to highlight a subject.  I think the sunset shot below is an example of this. The dark trees at the bottom of the photo anchor the shot, but also create negative space to draw the eye up to the sun beams and clouds.


Finally, I’d love feedback on my last photo. I took this shot at a local amusement park this summer. This is a fun statue that everyone sits beside for a picture. I think it follows the Rule of Thirds since the statue is in the right one third of the shot and the rest is negative space. But maybe the negative space is too ‘busy.’ Constructive criticism is welcome…


Thanks for a wonderful challenge Cee! I learned so much!


4 thoughts on “Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #9 Rule of Thirds Introduction

  1. Your last photo works well with rule of thirds. You obviously know the statue is the subject of your photo. Negative space doesn’t have to be in every photo. The empty benches keeps the noise level down.


  2. I was going to accept this challenge until I looked through my photos and made a discovery. I too tend to offset my subject but it generally becomes a half rather than a third.
    I kind of see this in your last pic as well. But I guess being in the half means it’s a third too—haha.
    Composure aside all the photos are sharp and feel in balance and that’s a good thing.


    • Thanks Gayle. This challenge definitely made me think, and I’m anxious to take what I’ve learned and make some changes. Thanks for your feedback on my last shot.


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