Daily Prompt – Hopeful

On this day, a post about the hope to come as we approach the start of a new year seems appropriate. But I’ve chosen instead to write about a hope that was felt over 70 years ago.

One of my treasured possessions is a letter that my Grandfather wrote to my Grandmother in early December 1945. The war had ended just a few months prior and he was hopeful of his return home to his new bride. The letter is filled with love, longing, and anticipation of their future together. He missed her terribly.

I can only imagine that hope carried him through the war. The hope of his return. The hope of a new world after war. The hope that love conquers hate.

My Grandfather came home from the war and my Grandparents went on to live a happy life. They had two sons and eventually five grandchildren. I am their oldest grandchild.

I miss them terribly and I am hopeful that one day we will be reunited!







Daily Prompt – Mystical Snow

An excerpt from John Murdock’s book of poems, songs, and lyrics ‘Joy Hours’


Spreading around like a garment white,

Like a sweet scene in the moonbeams’ light,

Or as the wand of a fairy-sprite

Might sudden present to our wondering sight –

Snow, snow, mystical snow!

Falling so gently here below!


Daily Prompt – Sacred

On February 20th, 1983 at the age of 9, I was given my very first Bible. I was so excited and I felt so ‘grown-up.’ I had reached a scared right-of-passage in my family and Christian faith.

I proceeded to fill-in, in the not-so-perfect hand writing of a 9 year-old, the first page with my family record, carefully writing my family’s names with pride (and in pencil in case I made a mistake).

In the years that followed I carried it to Sunday school and tried to read the words and memorize verses. It was a comfort in times of joy and hardship.

The Bible is now almost 34 years old and it’s showing its age. I’ve since owned many Bibles and this one sits on a shelf collecting dust, but definitely not forgotten. It’s a sacred keepsake and proud testament to my faith.



Daily Prompt – Fence

I love to photograph fences, so I was excited to see today’s daily prompt. I frequently stop my car along the side of the road to get a good fence photo. I’m not sure what draws me to fences. Maybe it’s purely artistic, the lines and angles, the weathered wood, or the peeling paint.

Or maybe it’s the idea that a fence is ‘keeping me from something.’ The intrigue and mystery of the unknown. I wonder what could be behind the fence, and why I’m not allowed in.

This happens to be a fence in my neighborhood. It’s worn and weathered and it keeps a horse in…and me out.