Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

This is a photo taken at the reflection pool beneath the Portal Bridge at Point State Park in Pittsburgh, Pa. The pool is wide with a pedestrian bridge spanning the middle. The water is only a few inches deep and it artfully reflects the city lights and park scenery. http://pghbridges.com/pittsburghW/0584-4477/portal.htm

The building’s eerie reflection, the sharp architectural lines and angles, and the mysterious color pallet all turn something ‘concrete and familiar’ into something beautifully abstract.






Weekly Photo Challenge – Time

Weekly Photo Challenge – Time

Gone are the days of Grandpas and pocket watches,

when time ticked at a slower pace.

When the front porch swing was my favorite spot to sit

and the piano always played a familiar tune.

Gone are the days of Grandpas and pocket watches,

when time didn’t matter at all.

When the stories were long and told time and again

but they never grew tiresome or old.

I miss those days of Grandpas and pocket watches,

when time was precious and treasured.

But some day we’ll reunite and have plenty of time

to catchup and start again!





Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge – Cropping

Cee discusses ‘cropping’ in this week’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge. I’ve selected four photos that show before and after cropping.

1st Photo:

I really like the fence in this photo, but the right side of the shot is too distracting. Your eye doesn’t know where to focus.


Cropping-out the shrubs on the right and reducing the busyness of the shot makes the fence posts focal points and creates better composition.


2nd Photo:

I came across an old bath tub that was once used as a watering trough for cattle. I loved the old ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ fixtures, so I took the shot below.


By cropping the shot, I removed some of the negative space to highlight the fixture. You can see all of the fine detail on the rusted metal and you can even make out the word “HOT.”


3rd Photo:

I took the shot of these acorns using my macro lens. I got close, but not as close as I would have liked. I’d also like to position the acorns following the rule of thirds.


The cropped image is much more interesting and I love the detail.


4th Photo:

I took this shot of my daughter’s old typewriter months ago.


The cropped image removes some of the noise and allows a closer look at the keys. It becomes a photo less about the typewriter and more about the words it creates.


As always, I really enjoyed this challenged and I learned a lot!! Thanks Cee.