Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Spooky/Mysterious

I’m participating in Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Spooky/Mysterious

Several weeks ago, my husband and I went for an evening ride so I could take photos as the sun was setting. We came across an old cemetery with graves that date to the Civil War.

At the front of the cemetery stands an imposing mausoleum with iron doors and windows designed in the architectural style of a medieval castle. Past the mausoleum are leaning tombstones with names and dates that have long worn away. We found graves for entire generations of families and several small graves memorializing a ‘Baby Boy’ or ‘Infant Daughter.’ We explored the cemetery for quite some time and I took pictures from every angle until the sun set and I lost my natural light.

We plan to visit again to pay our respects and snap more ‘spooky and mysterious’ photos. Maybe next time my camera will capture more than just graves and tombstones. Maybe a Civil War spirit will pay us a visit.